HSRP Number Plate Registration Delhi: Government enforces High Security Registration Plate mandatory; Everything you need to know |

NEW DELHI: Recently the Ministry of Highway Transport and Highways (MoRTH) ordered all vehicles to have a high safety registration plate (HSRP) sold by April 2019. On Tuesday Delhi Transport Department started fining the vehicles without HSRP and color coded fuels. The offenders are to be fined Rs 10,000 according to the amended Motor Vehicles Act, but the fine has been increased to Rs 5,500.
TOI-Auto explains concisely what HSRP means and why it has become mandatory by the Central Government.
What is HSRP?
A high-security registration plate consists of aluminum and is fixed to the vehicle by two unusable locks. The recording plate comes with a hot stamped chrome-based hologram of Ashoka Chakra on the upper left corner, which is blue and accurately measures 20mm x 20mm. At the bottom left corner of the plate is a 10-digit PIN (constant identification number), which is laser engraved on the reflective sheet.
Similarly, the HSRP also comes with a hot stamped film on the record digits and letters with the inscription “India” at a 45-degree angle. Once the unique registration is repaired, it is then electronically connected to the vehicle.

Color-coded sticker sample

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Why is HSRP mandatory and what are its benefits?
The main reason behind this mandate is that the old number plates are quite easily mishandled and can be taken out or exchanged easily. A stolen vehicle always ends up with a replaced license plate, making it difficult for the authorities to track it down, but the HSRPs come with an removable click lock and make it difficult to replace it.
The HSRPs are also useful because essential details of a car including engine number and chassis number are stored in a centralized database. The stored data along with the 10-digit PIN becomes key to identifying a stolen car.
The HSRPs are set by car dealerships and private sellers by state authorities. The HSRPs are issued only after the vehicle owner transmits essential details such as engine number and chassis number. This procedure is useful enough to prevent forgery of the registration plates.
The authorities have also dealt with the issue of incomprehensible registration plates, as owners end up using different fonts and other add-ons and making it difficult for the traffic police to read the plates. The HSRPs have a uniform pattern, thus eliminating the entire number.

Color-coded burning sticker fixed

How much does HSRP cost?
The central government did not limit the price of HSRP, which means the cost could differ across different states. On average the HSRP costs around 400 rupees for two-wheel radii, up to 1,100 rupees for four-wheel radii depending on the category. The color-coded stickers may be suitable for Rs 100 for vehicles with HSRP.
Where can HSRPs be purchased?
For vehicle owners in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, bookmyhsrp.com is a dedicated portal to purchase HSRP and color-coded fuels. The website authorized the government to provide HSRPs. Information such as vehicle registration number, chassis number and engine number will be required to book an appointment.
As for the other states, not many have announced compliance as the UP and Delhi government. The best way to buy HSRP and a color-coded sticker is through the RTOs.
Another way to purchase HSRPs is through authorized car dealers, but it is worth noting that many dealers are not yet allowed to complete the procedure and the best way would be to check the website of your respective State Department of Transportation for such information.
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