HMSI is starting to use Hazira-Ghogha inland waterway in Gujarat

NEW DELHI: Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) said on Tuesday that it had become the first car company in the country to start transporting products by the newly inaugurated ferry Hazira-Ghogha Ro-Pax in partnership with Indigo Seaways.
The company sent its first two-wheeled shipment by ferry from the Narsapura factory in Karnataka to Veraval (near Somnath) in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat, HMSI said in a statement.
Using this logistical method, the delivery time and distance for the company’s new two-wheel radios reaching the Saurashtra region of the Karnataka factory has been greatly reduced, it added.
Compared to the earlier full road route, the transit time decreased by two days and distance by 465 km respectively, the two-wheel manufacturers said.
“At Honda we believe we have a responsibility to apply our innovations, technologies and initiatives to improve people’s lives, minimizing the environmental impacts of our products and business operations to ensure a sustainable future for society,” Director of Sales and Marketing HMSI Yadvinder Singh Guleria said.
Utilizing the newly inaugurated inland waterways as the first automatic a company to ship its shipments, HMSI was able to significantly reduce traffic time and serve customers with increased efficiency through 11 cities of the Saurashtra region in Gujarat, he added.
“At the same time, as an environmentally superior transporter, the Ro-Pax service reduces our carbon footprint significantly. Honda aims to continuously deliver its shipments from Bangalore plant to Saurashtra region using Ro-Pax ferry service,” Guleria noted.