Google Leaves Home Speaker

Google’s Home Max no longer exists. La Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG)(NASDAQ: GOOGL) division stopped fabricating its attempt to make a high-quality smart speaker Sounds (NASDAQ: I AM) and apple (NASDAQ: AAPL).

According to the website Engadget, Google stopped production of the expensive audio device and sold out of its remaining inventory. But because it still produces Nest markers, Google remains in the mix for the ears of consumers.

Exploded view of the Home Max speaker. Image source: Google.

The Home High was launched in 2017 at a price of $ 300 to compete against the Sonos Play: 5 and Apple’s HomePod in high fidelity, but sales never really took off. And considering Google’s recent focus on improving the sound quality of its Nest Mini and Nest Audio, it was probably a matter of time before the tech giant killed the device.

All manufacturers aimed to enhance the sound experience in mini-devices as the cheap end of the market starts to blend in perfectly with high-quality devices. While audiophiles can probably make a difference, for the vast majority of users, these speakers are more than enough.

Moreover, Google’s Nest is now considered a major player in this space when it comes to sound quality. However competition is getting fierce as Apple has just released the $ 99 HomePod Mini and Google’s own Nest Audio costs a similar price.

Earlier this year, Sonos sued Apple and Google, accusing them of stealing their patented speaker technology for their own equipment.

Google says existing Home Max users don’t have to worry because their devices will still support and continue to receive software updates and security solutions.