Google Home Max is dead – Google stops production

Google’s biggest smart speaker, the Google Home Max, is dead. The speaker is listed as “out of stock” at, and the company told Android Police, “We’ve run out of Google Home Max and will no longer manufacture the device.” If you wanted Google’s 12-pound mega-speaker, now is probably your last chance to talk online by searching for the latest stocks. At the time of writing, Verizon still has a few.

Google Home Max was released in 2017 along with Google Home Mini. The Maximum was a whopping $ 400, and aside from the bigger, better sound, it was the only Google speaker with a 3.5mm-or-input. It also had a mysterious USB-C port on the back that, to my knowledge, could only be used for a wired Ethernet dongle instead of connecting via Wi-Fi. (If that was always the intention, why not just give it an Ethernet port instead of a USB?) The original Google Home and Google Home Mini have both received extensions in the past 14 months – the Nest Audio and Nest Mini, respectively – but the Google Home Max is just dying. I would assume that Google has simply never sold so many of them.

The death of the Max represents Google’s exit from the larger smart speaker market, where it was the most expensive entry per mile. Its main help contest, the $ 300 Apple HomePod and $ 200 Amazon Echo Studio, will now remain to fight each other. It seems that even Apple has struggled in the smart speaker market, with the HomePod constantly falling in price from its introductory price of $ 350.

Google’s top smart speaker is now just the ordinary $ 100 Nest Audio. Google realizes you can buy two of them and pair them for stereo sound, but that won’t rival the power of the Max. There are also third-party Google Assistant speakers that offer better sound, most notably the $ 200 Sonos One.

Google says existing Google Home Max users will still be supported for the foreseeable future. “Current Google Home Max users should not worry, as they will not see a change in their service. We will continue to offer software updates and security fixes to Google Home Max devices.”