Gaya’s direct flight to Mumbai will start from December 25, find out the fare

There will be a direct flight from Gaya Airport to Mumbai from December 2.

So far, the airport in Bihar is of international standard. Currently, the runway of this airport is 228686 meters, which is being acquired to increase the acquisition by 100 meters.

Gone From December 2, IndiGo’s Gaya Airport will start direct flights to Mumbai. It benefits pilgrims and tourists as well as local traders. From here people visiting Mumbai will end their obligation to go to Delhi. This saves them both time and money. In this regard, Dilip Kumar, Director, Gaya Airport, said that IndiGo’s Delhi-to-Delhi service is currently running daily and IndiGo Airlines will start its service to Mumbai from December 2. It has started, the booking of which has also started. According to a representative of IndiGo, people are getting good response in the early stages of launching direct flights to Mumbai for the first time.

In addition, IndiGo has already obtained permission to operate flights to Kolkata and Bangalore. Air India’s services to Kolkata-Gaya-Banaras and Delhi are also likely to be restored. Therefore, there is a possibility of an increase in the airline of Gaya Airport in the next few days. At the same time, a representative of Indigo said that passengers going to Mumbai have to pay a minimum fare of 5300 passengers. At the same time, it will cost around Rs 00,000 for Delhi and Rs 7,800 per passenger for Kolkata.

Gaya is the only international airport in Bihar

So far, the airport in Bihar is of international standard. Currently, the runway of the airport is 22,286 meters, which is in the process of land acquisition. During the tourist season from October to February, many international airlines including Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar start regular services here with Indian airlines but due to Corona, international flights have not started this year. The airport has been facing huge revenue deficit this year due to non-commencement of international flights. The landing is done at the airport and then taken to the site by air force helicopter. During air travel, passengers from all over Bihar fly from Gaya Airport to Jeddah.

Construction of the International Cargo Terminal will begin soon

Plans to build a cargo terminal to send goods such as fruits, vegetables and milk to Gaya Airport have also been approved. In this regard, the director of the airport, Dilip Kumar, said that the meeting of the advisory committee chaired by MP Vijay Kumar had discussed the issue at the cargo terminal.

Once the cargo terminal is set up here, fruits, flowers, vegetable milk and processed products produced in Bihar can be exported to other states of the country as well as Middle East and Southeast Asian countries. There is space for a cargo terminal in Charo Socks. There is still encroachment from this place, DM Abhishek Singh has formed a committee to remove it and construction work of cargo terminal will start as soon as this land is encroached.