Ganesh Acharya: He lost 98 K kg Weight: Kapil Sharma: Cheerful Answer: Says the man has disappeared.

Choreographers Ganesh Acharya, Terrence Lewis and Geeta Kapoor are the guests on the comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ this week. The promo video of this episode has been shared on social media, in which everyone is having fun. The three invited Kapil Sharma to the theater and welcomed him.

Kapil started the show by asking Ganesh Acharya the first question, “Master, how much weight did you lose?” Ganesh replied, 98 kg. Kapil Sharma jokes that you have lost two people. After this, Kapil starts flirting with Geeta Kapoor. He admires her beauty and in return urges her to admire him. Geeta Kapoor replied, “Kapil, you look into my eyes, you will know how beautiful you are.”

Let us know that Kapil Sharma’s show has new guests every week. Krishna Abhishek and Bharti Singh hit their comedy on the show. Apart from this, the performance of Sumona Chakraborty is also very strong.

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There was talk of Bharti Singh leaving the program
Comedian Bharti Singh made a comeback in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Bharti shared some photos from the set on Instagram which went viral. With these photos, Bharti Singh paused on all the news that Kapil Sharma has left the show. Earlier, it was reported that the comedian had bid farewell to the show due to his meeting with Hemp and his arrest. Now Bharti Singh has taken back the news and shared a photo of his return to the show and shocked the fans.