[Funding alert] Chennai company startup Cover it Up raises 3.5 crore from angel investors

Pop culture genre launch Cover it obtained funding from Rs 3.5 crore in the seed round led by angel investors Sanjay Wadhwa, Manish Mardia, Madan Lal Gundecha, Vimal Jain, and Nishank Sakaria.

Founded by Ronak Sarda in 2014 in Chennai with started capital of 21,000 Roj, Cover it Up entered the market by bringing custom mobile phone cases and later steadily diversified into one-of-a-kind LED cases as well as 3D cases. The company now adapts single-sex T-shirts, hoodies, newspapers, AirPod cases, notebooks and annual planners.

Commenting on the funding, Ronak said,

“The company plans to use this financial circle to strengthen operations by bringing in new and creative talent, while focusing on R&D and development of IT infrastructure, which will lead to an improved product portfolio.”

Some parts of the funds will also be earmarked for research and development to improve the existing product range and also create new ones, he added.

Cover it Up has shipped around 1,20,000 products for the year 2019-2020, while this year it is expected to sell 1,50,000 units.

Cover it Up equipment

Over the years, Cover It Up has collaborated with some major global brands such as Marvel, DC, Warner Bros., FRIENDS, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Disney and Looney Tunes to sell their wares. The brand has also been the official trading partner for Chennai Super Kings, Kaala, Darbar, Robot 2.0, and recently partnered with NASA.

To establish a global footprint, the team also wants to create engaging content on the web by adding features like Augmented Reality (AR) improve the customer experience.

“Customer experience and the relativity to the commodities play a pivotal role in this niche area in which we operate. Therefore, our business model relies heavily on constant upgrading of engineering plus project skills. With this merger, the company aims to drive revenue from 25 crore before the next financial year, ”Ronak added.

Cover It Up’s product range now includes work-from-home products. The company also aspires to meet the growing demands of customers on various goods after the increase in the popularity of OTT platforms during the blockchain.