Fortnite Promises Higher Frame Frequencies for Low-Cost Computers With a New Performance Mode

Fortnite will now be able to run with higher frame rates on more computers with less capable hardware. This was made possible by the new Function Mode, which is currently in its Alpha stage, and it reduces visual quality for better frames per second (fps). Although Fortnite is not a very demanding game to start with, this new Function Mode will allow a larger number of computer users to experience the game with higher frame rates than they used to in their configuration. The new mode will be available starting today, December 15th.

The new Operating Mode, according to an official blog post, meets the minimum specifications for Fortnite. It can be enabled from the in-game setup menu and offers “significant performance gains through an exchange of visual quality to decrease memory usage and alleviate CPU and GPU load.” Players who are already playing Fortnite with low settings or with less powerful hardware will be able to launch the game with a consistent framework for a smoother experience.

Efficiency Mode will be available for combat royal and creative modes. Players with less capable hardware will be asked to enable this mode, but it can be enabled or disabled at any time. This mode also allows players to reject high-resolution texts via the Epic Games Launcher, which will free up more disk space. To do this, go to the Epic Games Launcher, click Library, find Fortnite and click the three-point menu, go to Options, check or uncheck the High Resolution Textures option. This should save you about 14 GB of disk space.

Epic also shared a comparison showing fps results with Performance Mode enabled and disabled at low hardware. At 720p resolution, Performance Mode increased about 37fps according to basic Intel configuration and about 27fps increased on basic AMD system. This marks a fairly significant improvement in frame rates, to say the least.

It should be noted that this new mode for Fortnite is currently in Alpha stage and Epic still recommends launching the game on SSD or with 6GB of RAM for users with older machines.

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