Farmers’ protest: PM Narendra Modi says opposition will mislead farmers, address their problems – Opposition has misled farmers, will address their concerns: PM Narendra Modi

Peasant Movement: Prime Minister Narendra Modi shines in opposition

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi again tried to convince the farmers about the peasant movement. In a ceremony to lay the foundation stone of Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) in Kutch, Gujarat, Gujarat targeted the opposition of the farmers’ movement against the agricultural law. He said, “There is a conspiracy to confuse the farmers. They are afraid they will take over the farmers’ land after the new agricultural reforms. You tell me, if a dairy worker contracts to take milk from you, will he take your animal? Why are small farmers not free to sell their produce?

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Prime Minister Modi said, “The demand for agrarian reform has been going on for years. Many farmers’ organizations have also demanded in advance for the option of selling foodgrains everywhere. Consolation: When the country has taken this step, they are now confusing the farmers.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “I am telling the farmers and sisters again that the government is ready for 24 hours to solve their every problem.” From day one, the interests of farmers have been a priority for our government.


Prime Minister Modi said, “Today is also the death anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the great son of Gujarat and the country. His tall statue of Kevadia inspires us to work day and night in unity for the country. Kutch is the largest renewable park in the world, followed by Singapore and Bahrain.

He said, “At one time Kutch is said to be so far away, there is no sign of development. There is no connection. It was another name for a kind of challenge. Today the situation is such that people have recommended working in Kutch for some time.”