Farmer leader Rai Tikait says the Uttar Pradesh government is protesting farmers in Delhi, Haryana and Punjab

The peasant movement continues. After the hunger strike ended on Monday, farmer leader Rakesh Tikait said that if the police bothered the farmers, they would tie the cows and buffaloes to the police stations. Rakesh Tikait, leader of the Indian Farmers’ Union, told a press conference that the fast was successfully concluded at the district headquarters and UP today. He warned that if the police administration stopped the farmers’ trolley, the entire expressway would be stopped. Farmers’ trolley is closed in Uttar Pradesh. Farmers in Uttarakhand are stopping. The rest will not be persecuted. If the farmers are stopped, we will close the Ghazipur border. At the police station where the farmers will stop, our local workers will tie up the animals there.

Rakesh Tikait said that our fight is long. The state government should not interfere in this … You cannot win the farmers… We are the farmers … The aim of the farmers is their demand not to destabilize the government … We are not a political party. The government must address our demands. In winter, no one stays in the open air. It is a question of agriculture and stomach. ‘

Farmers across the country are angry over the agriculture ordinance. Farmers have been agitating for the last one day to withdraw the Modi government’s laws and regulations at the UP border. Representatives of 400 farmers’ organizations were on a hunger strike from 8 am to 5 pm today. Some little boys took their piggy banks to the UP border and forced the farmers to go on hunger strike with their hands in the evening.

After the fast ended, Tikait clarified that ‘rumors are spreading that the farmers sitting on the border of the rumors have risen, we have nothing to do with the farmers’ movement. Some farmers’ organizations are government organizations of the government, they have no business with us, which should be raised, we are standing here and we will stand here until the agricultural law is returned. ‘

Through the media, the farmer leader instructed the farmers to be vigilant against the evil elements. He said that ‘there should not be any wrong element in the middle of the movement, because of which our movement is affected. To end our movement, the government must withdraw the law, the way will be open.

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