Fake coronavirus vaccines flood darknet, selling for $ 250 | Indian News

BENGALURU: With a vaccine now looking like the only way to overcome the pandemic, the dark web has flooded hundreds of domains promising ‘vaccines’ at a price – in some cases for as much as $ 250.
In its latest report, Check Point Research, a global cybersecurity company, found a stream of posters on the internet from sources claiming to have a range of “coronavirus vaccines” or resources for sale.
From “available coronavirus vaccine $ 250” to “Goodbye to Covid-19 = Chloroquine Phosphate” and “buy quickly. Coronavirus Vaccine is out now,” the range of advertised medications is vast.
The results come close after the calculation by Europol, the EU police agency, which last week announced a warning alert. “When a Covid-19 vaccine becomes available, it will likely not be sold online. However, fraudulent pharmaceutical products advertised as allegedly treating or preventing Covid-19 are already on sale, both offline and online,” the news release says.
The Check Point report notes: “All the vendors we found insist on paying with bitcoin because it minimizes chances of being tracked, causing further doubt about the authenticity of the drugs they sell. In communications with one vendor, they offered to sell an unspecified vaccine. Covid-19 versus 0.01 BTC (about $ 300), and claimed 14 doses were needed. This advice contradicts official announcements that some vaccines require two shots, separated 3 weeks apart, per person. ”
1k + new domains
The positive news in November about vaccine trials and short-term availability has resulted in an increase in new online domains related to Covid-19 or vaccines, the report read. Check Point said that since the beginning of November, 1,062 new domains have been registered that contain the word “vaccine”. Of these, 400 also contain a “covetous” or “crown.”
These figures are equivalent to the numbers in the previous three months (August, September and October) together, the report read. It also found that in addition to trying to sell fake vaccines, cybercriminals are also using vaccine-related news as bait for phishing campaigns.
Some emails were found delivering malicious “.exe files” with the name “Download_Covid 19 New approved vaccines. 23.07.2020.exe”, which installs InfoStealer capable of collecting login information, usernames and passwords to enable threatening actors to take over accounts.
2021 threat perception
Calling the pandemic an ultra-rare but highly effective event that destroyed business, the company said a separate survey showed that 58% of security professionals report an increase in cyber threats since raids were imposed.
Hackers have also tried to take advantage of a disruption caused by the pandemic and “pharmaceutical companies that develop vaccines will also continue to target malicious attacks from criminals or nation states that want to exploit the situation,” the report read.
In addition to this predicted a range of phishing activity, including targeting parents with remote learning and increased malware attacks.