Does the vaccine also require cowardice, civic group questions, vaccination hesitation among health workers – some volunteers dropped out of the corona vaccine test in Mumbai, refusing to take a second dose

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In a clinical trial of the coronavirus covacillary vaccine at KEEM Hospital in Mumbai, one in 101 volunteers left the issue unfinished. Volunteers are afraid of the test because they may not have any side effects. Therefore, the volunteers refused to take the second dose. Now, KEM Hospital has sought the help of BMC for the clinical trial of the covsilt vaccine. KEM Hospital BMC would like to explain to all the volunteers that they should not be intimidated under any circumstances. They will not have any side effects from this vaccine test.

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Meanwhile, the 58-year-old Dr. affiliated with the AYUSH Doctors Association. Akhtar Sheikh says that it is not right to get vaccinated until the vaccine is completely successful. Volunteers should refrain from vaccination. He said it was true that volunteers should be vaccinated first because they risked their lives to save their lives. But there is no hurry.

Dr. Sheikh said, “Health workers are also human beings. They have to save people. What do they do if they get sick or have side effects? How to play someone’s life without a 100% guarantee? What happens if the face is paralyzed? The human body is complex, a Another sorrow.

These voices are gaining strength in the city of Mumbai. Along with the social media campaign, there were also panel discussions in which students, lawyers and activists appealed against the need for vaccinations as part of the campaign.

“We think it does a lot of damage,” said Jagrit Bharat activist Feroz Mithiborwala. So far, test results have not confirmed the vaccine. People are more afraid of vaccines than corona. I want to tell people this, don’t judge yourself under pressure. Don’t get vaccinated until you are completely satisfied, I’m taking it. ”


Mumbai-based Krishna Shah says, “The news that has come out during the global testing of the covid vaccine is disturbing. The news is being tested with a veil. I’m not right. I don’t need to take this vaccine by any means. I think my immunity is good to fight covid. And it helps me, I can’t take this risk. ”

At the same time, the Association of Medical Consultants, Mumbai, which has 11,000 medical consultants, is appealing to the public to have confidence in the vaccine. The president of the association, Dr. Deepak Baid says, “I think the infection is that the cough in my nose and mouth can be felt by others. I have also been vaccinated. It can also be spread from a person with the vaccine, so it is more important that more people get the vaccine.” “There is nothing wrong with eating anything. Others are afraid of getting sick. I can be saved but I can feel others. The more people take it, the less the risk of an epidemic.” I think this vaccine is safe, I do. ‘