Coronavirus Outbreak India Cases Live Updates; Maharashtra Pune Madhya Pradesh Indore Rajasthan Uttar Pradesh Punjab Punjab Novel Corona (COVID 1)) Death Toll India Today Mumbai Delhi Coronavirus News | The RT-PCR test in Maharashtra dropped to Rs 70,000 while the positivity rate in Delhi dropped to less than 2%

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  • Coronavirus Outbreak India Cases Live Updates; Maharashtra Pune Pune Madhya Pradesh Indore Rajasthan Uttar Pradesh Punjab Punjab Novel Corona (COVID 1)) Death Toll India Today Mumbai Delhi Coronavirus News

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New DelhiMinutes minutes ago

Health workers taking samples in a New Delhi slum. Corona incidents have dropped sharply in the last few days in Delhi.

In the midst of the rising incidence of corona in Maharashtra, the Maharashtra government has made an important decision. RT-PCR test is now done in the state at Rs.00. Earlier it was priced at Rs 9,880. So far, more than 1 lakh cases of corona have been reported in Maharashtra. The death toll from Corona in the state has also reached 48,000. At the same time, the striking nurses’ union at the Delhi AIIMS withdrew its decision after discussions with the administration. Earlier, the Delhi High Court had banned the strike and ordered the nurses to return to work.

The situation is getting better in Delhi. The positivity rate was recorded at 1.9% in Delhi on Tuesday. This is the lowest ever. A total of 85,510,105 samples were investigated in the state, of which only 1,161 new cases were reported. Earlier on Monday, the lowest positivity was recorded at 2.1%. The transition rate was recorded at 9.9% in December, 78.7878% in December, 42.422% in December, 68.6868% in December and 15.115% in December.

Anil Vij’s condition worsens
Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij’s lung infection has increased. He came to Corona Positive in December. If his condition did not improve, he was shifted from Rohtak PGI to Medanta. The Chancellor of the University of Health Sciences, Dr. OP cholera said his oxygen levels had dropped, but he was under control.

So far .299.2 cases have millions of cases
So far, 99.992 million people have been infected in the country. Of these, 94.2.2 million were cured and 1.433 million died. On Tuesday, 1,18,505 corona infections were identified. 22 thousand 29 recovered recovery and 2.8 died. These facts are taken from

On Monday, about 1 thousand active cases were reduced
This month till December 1 till one thousand thousand. 444 Corona active case (treatment of patients) is taking place. Their number is only 3.3838 lakhs. On Monday, 12 thousand 2 22 active cases were reduced. This is the second big drop of the month. December In December, 1 thousand 6 thousand 466 active cases decreased.

Corona update

  • Submarine expert Vice Admiral Srikanth died in Corona on Monday night. He was the Director General of Project C-Bird and before that he was the Inspector General of NDC, Nuclear Security and Commandant. Indian Navy officials informed about it. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh also expressed grief over his death.
  • AIIMS has banned the strike of the Nurses Union in Delhi in the Delhi High Court. The court has asked him to return to work. The next hearing in the case is set for January 18.
  • Earlier, the Nurses’ Union announced an indefinite strike on Monday over the Corona epidemic. The AIIMS had appealed to him to withdraw the movement and return to work. Their demands include implementing the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission and canceling contract recruitment.
  • The corona report of about 1,183 students at IIT Madras has been positive since December 1. According to reports, the first two incidents were found on campus only on December 1. Subsequently, some additional reports were positive on 10 December and 1 December. The campus was then declared a coveted hotspot.
  • Corona test data in the country has crossed fifteen million. 9.9 lakh lakh were tested on Monday.
  • More than 93 thousand health workers in Uttarakhand will be given corona vaccine free of cost. State Health Secretary Amit Negi informed on Tuesday.
  • Regular classes on 10th and 12th will be held in Madhya Pradesh from December 1. This decision has been taken keeping in view the board examination. The decision to start 9th and 11th classes has been left to the district administration. The decision to open a school from 1 to will be made after reviewing the corona infection. This decision will apply to MP board and CBSE schools.
  • Night curfew has been extended till January in Shimla, Mandi, Kgara and Kullu districts of Himachal Pradesh. Rules for maximum number of people participating in weddings and other events will also apply. About 7,000 infected corona are being treated here. The state has a population of 7.3 million, while the positivity rate is %%.

States States of States
1 Delhi

On Tuesday, 1,171,170 people tested positive for corona. 2434343 people recovered and died1 died. So far 6 lakh 10 thousand 7 447 people have been affected by the infection here. Out of which 1 thousand thousand 8080 patients are being treated, while lakh lakh thousand thousand 2 thousand 852 people have been treated.

2. Madhya Pradesh
There were 1073 incidents in the last 24 hours. 14474747 people were cured and 1 patients died. So far, 2 lakh 2 thousand 90 people have been infected here. Of which 2 lakh thousand thousand 7 7. Healed, while 5 thousand died. Currently 12 thousand 616 are undergoing treatment.

Gujarat. Gujarat
On Monday, 1,110 people were found infected. 123,636 people were healed and 11 died. So far 2 lakh 29 thousand 13 people1 people have been infected. Out of which 12 thousand patients 781 patients are undergoing treatment. 2 lakh 12 thousand 99 people have been cured so far while 411 3. Died

Rajasthan. Rajasthan
On Monday, 104545 people were found to be infected with corona. 1222 people were healed and 13 died. So far 2 lakh 93 thousand 58 thousand 584 people have been infected. Out of which 1 15 thousand 1010 patients are being treated, while 2 lakh 75 thousand 606 people have been treated, 2 256868 died.

Maharashtra. Maharashtra

On Tuesday, 42 34422 people were found infected. 95 43 95 people recovered and died0 died. So far, 1.18 million 86 thousand 707 people have been infected. Thousand 1 thousand 6 356 patients are under treatment. 1.17 million. 66 thousand 10 patients have been cured. The number of people who lost their lives in the infection has reached 48 48 thousand 33 33.