Chinese Communist Party data leak: Two million Chinese Communist Party workers leaked data

A new trick of the dragon was discovered when data of 200,000 Chinese Communist Party workers was leaked. Australian media Australia in its report has leaked data from official records such as post, date of birth, national identity card number, tribe of about 2 million accused Communist Party of China (CPC) activists and is working around the world. Has revealed. The great thing is that these workers work in embassies, defense, banks and companies worldwide.

Deployed in defense, banks and large companies of many countries
In this report, Australia shows how alleged members of the CPC were recruited to some of the largest corporations in the defense and banking sectors and to large pharmaceutical companies involved in the manufacture of corona virus vaccines. According to the newspaper, the CPC member companies include Boeing and Volkswagen, pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and AstraZeneca, ANZ and HSBC.

Data leaked to 19.5 million CPC members
The details of 1.5 lakh CPC members have been revealed in this leaked data. The data was obtained by Whistleblower from a server in Shanghai, the commercial capital of China. Australia’s analysis shows that CPC members have been appointed as senior political and government experts, clerks, economic advisers and executive assistants in at least 10 consulates in Shanghai.

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CPC members are stationed in embassies of many countries
The report alleges that the ruling CPC infiltrated the Australian, British and US consulates in Shanghai. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade recruits local staff in collaboration with Chinese government agencies. It has also opened 79,000,000 branches, most of them in companies, universities and government agencies.

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Their infiltration into the US, UK and Australia
Sherry Markson, an Australian journalist and guest on Sky News, wrote in her report on Monday that this is considered to be the first of its kind in the world. Marxon said the shocking nature of the database does not only expose people who are members of the Communist Party and now live all over the world, including Australia and the United States and the United Kingdom. But it does lift the veil on how the party works under the leadership of the president and President Xi Jinping.

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These members are accountable to Jinping and the party
He said the CPC branch has been set up in Western (American and European) companies, where members are called if they are accountable to the party and President C himself. This may embarrass some global companies that do not plan to protect their intellectual property from theft or financial espionage. Marxon said the leak was a significant security breach and could make Clay unwell.

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This data was stolen from a Shanghai server
The data was stolen from a Shanghai server in April 2016 by Chinese insurgents. China’s relationship with China, Australia’s top trading partner, has grown since it became the first country to publicly block China’s Huawei company from its GG network. Relations between the two have soured as Australia seeks to investigate the origin of the corona virus.