CD Projekt Red acknowledges Cyberpunk issue 2077, agrees to give refunds to unfortunate buyers – Technology News, Firstpost

CD Projekt Red has finally acknowledged that it has misled players by withholding evidence from the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Cyberpunk 2077, adding that customers who purchased the game at PlayStation Store or Xbox Live could request a refund. Cyberpunk 2077 visited Twitter to apologize to players for “not showing the game on best last-gen consoles” before it premiered and thus did not allow players to make more informed decisions.


However, according to an article in TomsHardware, it seems that CD Projekt Red has overtaken the idea of ​​neither Microsoft nor Sony. The report adds that several complaints have arisen with unfortunate customers pointing out that they have encountered roadblocks in their attempts to secure reimbursement.

While people have complained to Sony, the report adds that the company responded by saying that its policy does not allow refunds if the game has already been downloaded and played. However Sony’s decision could also result from the fact that the company may not like to find out what could be an unimaginable amount of money for repayments as a result of the CD Projekt controversy. According to the report, there have been occasions when Sony has told gamers seeking a refund that they will have a functional game in February 2021.

Microsoft, however, told the publication that they give refunds of Digital Game Product as part of a consistent and reliable shopping experience.

The report adds that however, if Microsoft has not declined refunds, it will decide whether or not to grant one based on a refund.