CBSE News | CBSE Board Exam 2021 Practice Exams to be done in school labs, not O-Lab: Sanyam Bhardwaj

CBSE Board Exam Updates 2021 | Photo Credit: Representative Image

Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE Board Exam 2021 Practical Examinations for Grades 12 and 10 will be held in school laboratories, as usual, and not in O Laboratories. To dispel the confusion caused by multiple reports on social media, CBSE Governor of Examinations, Dr Sanyam Bhardwaj recently held a meeting with select Leaders of CBSE affiliated schools to explain the many points related to the upcoming Class 10, 12 Board Examinations 2021 He spoke. on the mode of practical examinations, paper template, examination dates and other urgent concerns.

The senior official confirmed that the practical articles of CBSE Board 2021 will be made only after the schools reopen. As for the exam dates, he said the CBSE Data Sheet 2021 will be published later. The important points of the meetings are summarized below. The minutes of the meetings were also disseminated by the regional centers of the board with the various coordinators. Important insights are shared below.

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CBSE Board Exam 2021: Major Updates

  1. CBSE Class 10, 12 A practical examination will be held after the schools reopen. There were no split dates yet and it would be done on time
  2. Paper pattern and typology for the question papers would remain the same as presented in the # Typology of question paper will be the same as the CBSE samples now available at
  3. No further reduction of curriculum for the 2021 board exams is planned
  4. CBSE board practical examinations would take place in the schools as usual and an external examiner would attend
  5. No circulars issued for online practice exams or doing practice exams in O Lab – exams would take place in school labs as usual
  6. CBSE Board Exam 2021 would not take place in self-centers or ‘own schools’ – the board would instead significantly increase the number of Exam Centers
  7. No more than 12 students would be allowed to sit in a class for the 2021 board exam
  8. In CBSE 2021 Data Sheet, he explained that the same will be published later and that the dates of examination will be stated only in consultation with stakeholders. CBSE would also give “enough time for preparation”.
  9. Three sets of question papers with the same difficulty level will be delivered. If any set finds higher difficulty, moderation will be considered.
  10. No change in marking scheme for Class 10 – would remain the same as 80+ 20 where 80 is for external or theoretical article and 20 for the internal evaluation.

In addition to these points, he also shared that the schools can evaluate the co-school areas. As for the administrative work, CBSE will release new software for the schools to soon administer the exams. The new software would have a separate login ID for schools and students.

Encouraging schools to get excited about Art Integration Activities, introduced from this year, he shared that there would be no liberalization and that schools should do the same. The proforma report for the same however would remain available on the website.

In the end he also urged everyone to report only to the official website and communication channels when it comes to information on the upcoming board exams.