Britain will soon begin building its comet interceptor spacecraft

Recently announcing their achievements, British engineers are ready to begin their work on a comet-hunting spacecraft that will track and map one of the celestial objects in three dimensions. According to sources, Thales Alenia Space, with three locations in the UK, won the contract to design and build the mother ship. The contract is from the European Space Agency and costs about 150 million euros (182 million dollars). It refers to the mission of Comet Internet.

The mission aims to unlock the secrets of the early development of the solar system. Scientists aim to find the answers to questions such as how water appeared on Earth. According to sources, they want to do this by studying “untouched” comets on their first approach to the Sun.

Reports indicate that a mission will likely target a comet traveling from the Oort Cloud, which is a band of icy debris about halfway between the Sun and the nearest other star. According to scientists, The mission “will not only advance our understanding of the evolution of comets but will help unlock the mysteries of the universe.”

As we know, comets are the remnants of the formation of planetary systems. These are very similar to the Earth’s solar system about 4.6 billion years ago. They are made of ice, dust, and rock, and they emit gases approaching the Sun, creating a visible “tail.”

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The Comet Interceptor will remain parked in orbit, perhaps for years, until it captures its target comet. It will then be put on course to capture the object deploying the two surveys built by the Japanese agency. They will then make close passes to the comet’s core and transmit data to the main craft.