Bigg Boss: Homeless Vikas Gupta says – Punished for wrongdoing – Vikas Gupta left Bigg Boss 1 house and shared a video

Bigg Boss 1 has always been a very popular and controversial show. Please tell that Vikas Gupta had to be evicted from his house after talking to Arshi Khan. After which Vikas Gupta shared a video on his Instagram account. He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer.

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In the video shared by Vikas, he said, “Hello everyone. Yes, I’m out of the Bigg Boss house. I’m in a place where I can sit alone and understand what happened to me. I’ve talked a lot at the event. I cried looking at myself.”

“Time can do a lot,” he said. The heart does its own thing, so we must find ways to be better and happier. I got it right. I made a mistake, so I was punished for it. Pray the rest and hope that good things will happen to us. I’m not sad right now, don’t worry. “

Explain that development had entered earlier this month as a ‘challenger’. He is often seen fighting with Arshi Khan. Ever since Bigg Boss entered the house, Arshi has been promoting development, to which she has never responded. But on Monday, Arshi dragged Vikas’ family into his conversation. I didn’t like the development and got angry. Vikas threw Arshi into the pool because of his anger. After which Big Boss announced and decided to make Vikas homeless.