Bigg Boss 4: Did Abhijeet Spend The “Prize Money” For The “Title”?

The Bigg Boss season 4 of the Telugu reached last week. The final five remain in the house and by next week, the winner would have already been revealed. But each of the housemates strives to win the title, of course, the prize money along with the trophy. But it is said that one of them spent the prize money outside. Not the “prize money”, but the amount equal to prize money if he won the show!

Abhijeet gained an admiration with his prudent conduct in the house. Along with his “excellent” talks, Abhijeet managed to demonstrate his logical skills and quick wit in many cases. In addition to these internal efforts, Abhijeet has heard that he has spent more than 50 lakh rupees on digital platforms to promote himself to win the Bigg Boss title. Reportedly his wealthy family runs discount promotions outside, while Abhijeet does his best to match the money spent on promotions.

Abhijeet is a familiar face with very few movies and online series, but he was looking for a basis to return to fame. The young actor with deep pockets seems to view Bigg Boss as a perfect platform for his return and re-entry into the entertainment field. This was also said by his family when they appeared as guests in the program to meet him.

If he wins at all, the prize money will go to his dad just as he said last week when Nagarjuna asked what his plans were for the money earned. Well, Abhijeet has a good chance of winning the title, but even if he doesn’t, he has what he wanted with the Bigg Boss show.

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