Best Republicans break up with Donald Trump, congratulates Joe Biden – world news

Mitch McConnell, the top Republican in the U.S. Senate, congratulated President-elect Joe Biden and President-elect Kamala Harris on their election victory Monday, the day after their victory was cemented by an electoral election college.

McConnell, who heads the Republican-controlled Senate as a majority leader, is the first elected Republican Party official to acknowledge Biden’s election as president, marking a rift with President Donald Trump, who refused to accept his defeat.

“The electorate has spoken. So today, I want to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden, “McConnell said on the floor of the Senate, and went on to congratulate Harris, adding,” Across our differences, all Americans can be proud that our nation has a female rank. elected president for the first time. “

Only a handful of Republicans acknowledged Biden’s victory, so as not to upset the president, including Senator Mitt Romney. Prime Minister of the House Minority Kevin McCarthy, the leading Republican in the House of Representatives controlled by Democracy, has not yet congratulated Biden.

In a speech after the election college victory, Biden for the first time showed impatience about the refusal of Trump and his Republican allies to accept the election result, and fought them for launching an “attack on democracy” for their efforts to overthrow the election. result.