Best Buy is again selling PS5 consoles after resupply

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox X Series are resupply at Best Buy in the US, which is causing interest.

Since the consoles were released last month, even rumored provisions have sent fans to any website that could have the new console. In this case, Best Buy has unusually confirmed that the new consoles will arrive in advance.

It said only that they would arrive on Tuesday at “after 8pm” central time, without giving more specific information. That means the consoles could arrive anytime after 6 a.m. Pacific or 9 a.m. Eastern, though it’s likely soon after that time.

The consoles will only be available online, the company said, although customers will be able to pick them up in person via the “contactless junk truck” service.

“You don’t even need to change your pajamas because these consoles will only be sold online,” Best Buy said in an edition. “Get your completed order only with a sidewalk truck.”

Best Buy did not say how many PS5 or Xbox X and S Series will be available with the stock.

The fact that the retailer announced the provision through a press release may lead to hopes that it is an important provision. For the most part the stores have failed to announce the arrival of new consoles in advance.

But it could be that the company is doing this to promote a sale that starts at the same time, and was announced in the same edition.

In the UK, US and elsewhere, fans have struggled overall to get next-generation consoles, with reports suggesting that much of the stock available is being seized by resellers who list them with inflated prices online.