Ayodhya Ram Temple Construction Update; Sand found under Ram Janmabhoomi The pill sun sank during a load test in Ayodhya, as there is a layer of sand below 200 feet.

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AyodhyaHours hours ago

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An expert committee has been formed under the chairmanship of VS Raju, former director of IIT Delhi, for the construction of a temple in Ayodhya. The infrastructure will be new only in the report of the committee.

  • Soil samples were taken from a depth of 200 feet to strengthen the foundation
  • Committee of technical experts formed for construction of 1200 pillars

The foundation of Ram temple in Ayodhya can be made new. In fact, the pillars sank 2 inches apart during load testing. No sand, but yellow soil has been found 200 feet below the surface of the foundation of the temple. The piling test was done to strengthen the foundation and when the load was placed on the pole, it collapsed.

The top engineers and construction experts formed under the chairmanship of former IIT Delhi director VS Raju are keeping an eye on the foundation work of the temple. Member of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Shrine Trust Dr. Anil Mishra said that the work of this infrastructure will start only on the report of the Engineers Committee. Expert reports will not be made public. The report will be between the temple construction committee and the trust.

If the design of the foundation has not been changed, work will begin in 20 days

Nikhil Sompura, chief architect of the temple, said that if L&T did not change the design of the foundation after receiving the report, construction of the pillars would begin within 20 days. If there is a change, the design of the temple will also change.

Ongoing research on load testing

Nikhil Sompura’s company members and his younger brother Ashish Sompura were also present at the temple construction committee meeting held in Ayodhya a week ago. Until then, the issue had been raised about the sand being found 200 feet below the temple site. Sompura said his company has built about 100 temples. The foundation of all the temples is made of stone. But the surface of the foundation of the Ram temple is found to be sand instead of yellow soil. In this case, a lot of research will have to be done after the peeling test and the load test.