Arvind Kejriwal: AAP will contest Uttar Pradesh’s 2022 election assemblies, says Arvind Kejriwal | Indian News

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal announced that on Tuesday the Aam Aadmi Party will fight in 2022 union choice en Uttar Pradesh which he said should become a developed state. In a press conference, Kejriwal said Uttar Pradesh does not have good schools and hospitals and people are facing irregular electricity supply.
AAP formed a government in Delhi for the third time earlier this year, after winning the 2020 Delhi election with a landslide. AAP won 62 of 70 seats, while eight seats went to BJP.
Arvind Kejriwal seemed to give free electricity, world-class schools and hospitals as key issues for UP surveys, more than a year away. AAP will seek votes on Delhi’s model of governance.
The party formed an active state unit in Uttar Pradesh shortly after it emerged in 2012. Kejriwal fought against the 2014 Lok Sabha votes against Narendra Modi from the chair of Varanasi Lok Sabha and reached the second highest number of votes.
In 2017 UP assembly polls, AAP campaigned against BJP but did not contest votes. The BJP won 312 of the 403 meeting seats in a landslide victory, and secured an easy majority in the 403-seat house. The Samajwadi Party finished a distant second with 47 seats.