Apple releases a major update for Shazam app

Apple today released a major update for music recognition program Shazam in the App Store. This v14.2 update comes with a new look. You can now slide up home to access your past Shazam and be notified when we find your missed or offline Shazam. You can also see what’s in store with Graphics in Search. This update also comes with the following new features.

Use Apple Music or Spotify?

Synchronizing Shazams to your “My Shazam Tracks” playlist has just improved!

By Apple Music:

  • We will now sync more about your past Shazams.
  • If you delete a song in Apple Music, it will not be added again.

For Spotify:

  • We will now find and sync more of your new Shazams.
  • If you lose a connection, we will try to sync again in your next Shazam.

You can download the updated Shazam app here. Shazam today also announced a beta version of its music recognition tool on desktop browsers. This feature only works on Safari, Chrome and Firefox on macOS and ChromeOS.