Anil Kapoor shared a photo with Biceps on Instagram. The dream has come true

Actor Anil Kapoor’s fitness is often praised. He has been found to be similar in his cinema career of the last decades. From fitness to fitness their look has not changed. Not only that, he has improved his fitness this year. On Sunday, he confirmed this by sharing a photo of himself on Instagram. In this photo, Anil Kapoor is seen in a T-shirt and his biceps look good. He has also written ridiculous captions.

Anil Kapoor wrote: I had this dream and this photo is of that old dream which is true. Don’t worry I’m going to do something wrong here. Just saying that today is the day when my old thinking came true. Celebrating small victories. Let us know that Anil Kapoor is currently busy shooting for his film Jug Jug Jio. However, he had to return to Mumbai from Chandigarh after many film stars tested positive for Corona.

Recently, Anil Kapoor was embroiled in controversy with the release of his new film ‘Ek Vs AK’ on Netflix. In the trailer of this movie, Anil Kapoor was in a young Air Force uniform. In the video, he is using offensive words from director Anurag Kashyap.

Commenting on the video, the Air Force tweeted that it was incorrect. In this video, the Air Force soldier and his uniform are misrepresented. This part of the video should be removed. Anil Kumar apologized for this tweet from the Air Force.