Amitabh Bachchan hangs “nimbu mirchi” in 2021 to protect it from evil eye | News about Indian film

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan on Tuesday shared a strange poster in an attempt to protect the year 2021 against the evil eye.

The 78-year-old actor, who is one of the most active celebrities on social media, went to Instagram and Twitter to share a picture of 2021 digital figures with an icon of lemon and green peppers.

Hanging ‘Nimbu Mirchi’ or lemon and green peppers is a traditional Indian way to protect possession or thing from the evil eye.

Actor ‘Coolie’ also wrote a strange note expressing his concerns about how the new year 2021 will appear since 2020 was a bad year for the whole world due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“So hazaar bees ke ant par, ab kuchh hi baaki hai. Nazar na lage, ikkis (20) vaali tangdi par bhaiya, nimbu mirchi taang de, (There are only a few days left in the end of 2020. I want it to remain protected against the evil eye, let us hang a lemon and peppers over it), ”he wrote in the caption.

The poster received several comments from fans of the superstar.