-A year-old child became addicted to sports, 12 lakh rupees was stolen from his mother’s credit card ..!

The craze among children in sports is often seen, but it is amazing to spend millions of children in the madness of sports. A similar incident has come to light in the United States, where a one-year-old boy spent Rs 1.2 million for his mother. A boy named George Johnson in Wilton Connecticut (USA) spent about १ 1,000 on his mother’s credit card to buy his favorite Apple iPad video game ‘Sonic Forces’. The New York Post reports that the year-old bought a booster for his game, first buying red rings ($ 1.99) and then gold rings (. …)). Each time you spend thousands of dollars on these boosters, the player gains new characters and more speed.

This year the baby bought it in July, and Johnson (the baby’s mother) went on it in July. At the time, Jason received 2 charges on his credit card, which cost ,500 250,000 (approximately 80 180,000,000). The mother found that Apple and PayPal had withdrawn large sums of money. At first he realized that this was some kind of fraud, after which he contacted the bank.

His bill is 1 $, 2 3. Johnson committed fraud when he reached. 10.10 million, but was told he had made the allegations himself and would have to contact Apple.

When he arrived at Apple, he found out that it was done by his six-year-old son, who spent his favorite iPad game. Apple says it can’t help because it hasn’t been contacted in 600 days.

There were no restriction settings on my mother’s account

The baby’s mother says the fees were so bundled that it was hard to know how much was spent on the game. The mother admitted that she did not keep any restriction settings in her account because she did not know them. “Obviously if I knew there was a setting for that, I wouldn’t have allowed my 6-year-old to spend डलर 20,000 on a virtual gold ring,” she said.