A new coronavirus variant in the UK has infected more than 1000 people – will it affect vaccine effectiveness?

A new coronavirus variant in the UK has infected more than 1000 people – will it affect vaccine effectiveness? | Photo credit: iStock Images

Key Highlights

  • A new variant of a new coronavirus has been reported from the United Kingdom
  • The variant has caused concern worldwide, as some researchers worry it could be more difficult
  • Find out if the new coronavirus variant in England can affect vaccine effectiveness

New Delhi: While the world thought the COVID-19 pandemic was coming to an end, with various countries around the world starting vaccinations and approving different vaccines for urgent public use, a new British heart virus variant was reported by the UK that worried researchers, medical professionals, and the general public. equal. According to recent reports, a new coronavirus variant has been reported in parts of England.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said at least 60 different local authorities had recorded Covid infections caused by the new variant, the BBC reported on Monday. He also said the World Health Organization had been notified and British scientists were conducting detailed studies.

More than 1000 people have already been infected

According to Reuters news reports, about 1,000 people have already been infected with the new variant of the new coronavirus in the country.

“More than 1,000 cases of a new coronavirus variant have been identified in recent days in England, mainly in the south of the country, where it could be linked to an increase in cases, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said on Monday,” the report read.

“We have identified a new variant of coronavirus that may be related to the faster spread in the south-east of England,” Hancock said in a statement to parliament.

“Initial analysis suggests that this variant is growing faster than the existing variants,” he said.

“I have to stress at the moment that there is currently nothing to suggest that the variant is more likely to cause serious illness, and the latest clinical advice is that it is highly unlikely this mutation will fail to respond to a vaccine,” he added, Reuters reported.

The new variant could cause a high infection rate

According to further reports, the new variant has also been associated with the high infection rate, and an increase in cases of COVID-19 recently. The country has transitioned to a high level of prevention protocol followed, especially in public areas such as pubs, restaurants and other places.

WHO says authorities are investigating the new variant of Coronavirus in England

In response to the huge concerns about the new variant of coronavirus reported in England, the WHO said they are researching it and investigating the variant.

The World Health Organization is aware of a new variant of COVID-19 that has appeared in the UK, but there is no evidence that the strain behaves differently to existing strains of the virus, it said on Monday.
“We are aware of this genetic variant reported in 1,000 individuals in England,” Mike Ryan, the lead expert on emergencies, said in a news release in Geneva. “Authorities are looking at its significance. We have seen many variants, this virus is evolving and changing over time,” Reuters reported.

Can the new coronavirus variant affect efficacy of COVID-19 vaccine?

Various people have expressed their concerns that even when vaccination has started in various countries, the new variant of the virus can affect their effectiveness. However, explaining such confusions, the WHO said there is no evidence to suggest that the mutation affects the effectiveness of vaccines against the disease.

Even earlier, when new strains of the new coronavirus were reported in various locations around the world, experts said opportunities of the new variants affecting vaccine efficacy were limited. Experts also said that perhaps more than one vaccine will not need the virus, regardless of variants.