12 incidents in 1 day at Sir Gangaram Hospital of Kohid 1 to affect brain, jaw and nose 12 incidents in 1 day at Gangaram Hospital

Doctors at Delhi’s Sir Gangaram Hospital have experienced some serious cases of covid. Doctors say the corona is developing mucomycosis fungus, with serious consequences. Because of this, patients lose vision, jaw and nasal bone and brain damage in 1 sight day. In this case, 500 percent of the patients die.

Mucoramicosis is a fungal infection that causes great damage to the infected body. This infection develops as a result of a lack of immunity. This only happens to those with more diseases.

Manish Munjal, a senior ENT surgeon at the hospital, said: If there are symptoms of swelling in the eyes and cheeks, blocked nose, black nose, treatment should be started immediately by biopsy. ‘The doctor said that after one side of the nose is closed, swelling or pain in the eye is checked and treatment can be stopped by immediate treatment.

According to the doctor, the first left nose is closed and the cheeks and eyes become swollen in two days. If this happens, a doctor should be contacted immediately. Dr. Munjal said, ‘A patient has swelling and numbness on the left side of his face. He was rushed to a hospital. Tests showed that her blood sugar and infection levels were very high. More importantly, he was infected with the Mucker fungus. MRI found that the eyes, upper jaw were damaged and the infection had reached the brain.

The doctor said surgeons operated on her and kept her in a life support system for two weeks. The doctor said that life could be saved if there was information at the beginning. Ophthalmologists report that fungal infections affect the eyes, which can cause minor damage. The eye is in direct contact with the brain, so there is a possibility of infection in the brain.

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